PSICOM: Pragmatics and Semantics In Cognitive Modelling

PROMS schedule

Thursday, September the 1st

09:00 : 09:30 inloop, coffee, opening words
09:30 : 10:30 Keynote: Hannah Rohde, Informativity biases in models of meaning selection
10:30 : 10:50 break
10:50 : 11:30 Elsi Kaiser, Deborah Ho, Haley Hsu, Claire Post and Madeline Rouse. On the semantic consequences of referring to a person using only their last name: Effects of gender-marked pronouns on dependency-building (abstract)
11:30 : 12:10 Derya Cokal and Massimo Poesio. Processing of plural pronouns in set-subset context (abstract)
12:10 : 12:50 Paul Stott. Investigating the processing of sentences with definite subject NPs and quantificational subject NPs: evidence from priming during self-paced reading (abstract)
12:50 : 2:30 lunch
2:30 : 3:10 Yana Arkhipova, Vivien Gonzalez-Peddinghaus, Alessandro Lopopolo and Milena Rabovsky. The N400 amplitude is best predicted by probability of upcoming semantic features, not lexical items: Theoretical and methodological implications (abstract)
3:10 : 3:50 Jan Winkowski, Rick Nouwen and Jakub Dotlačil. Modelling processing of presuppositions with a cue-based ACTR parser
3:50 : 4:10 break
4:10 : 4:50 Abigail Toth, Petra Hendriks, Niels Taatgen and Jacolien Van Rij. Language comprehension as predictive processing: a cognitive modelling approach to learning and using reference biases (abstract)
4:50 : 5:50 Keynote: Adrian Brasoveanu, Modeling Psycholinguistic Processes as Sequential Decision Processes Learnable from Experience
5:50 Drinks (“borrel”)

Friday, September the 2nd

09:30 : 10:30 Keynote: Patrick Sturt, Syntactic and Semantic Agreement in British English
10:30 : 10:50 break
10:50 : 11:30 Derya Cokal, Ruth Filik, Patrick Sturt and Massimo Poesio. Anaphoric reference to a structured object (abstract)
11:30 : 12:10 Tijn Schmitz, Jakub Dotlačil and Rick Nouwen. The online processing of presuppositions: two eye-tracking studies
12:10 : 12:50 Jesse Harris. Evidence for semantic selectivity in the online processing of sluiced sentences (abstract)
12:50 : 2:30 lunch
2:30 : 3:10 Alessandro Lopopolo and Milena Rabovsky. Plausibility based comprehension in a neural network model of sentence processing (abstract)
3:10 : 3:50 CANCELLED Irene Mognon, Simone Sprenger, Sanne Kuijper and Petra Hendriks. The Production-Comprehension Asymmetry Puzzle in the Acquisition of Scalar Implicatures (abstract)
3:10 : 3:50 David Strohmaier and Simon Wimmer. Contrafactives and learnability (abstract)
3:50 : 4:10 break
4:10 : 5:10 Keynote: Noortje Venhuizen, Expectation-based Semantics in Language Comprehension

Saturday, September the 3rd

09:30 : 10:10 Elsi Kaiser and Jesse Storbeck. Dependency formation with subjective and objective adjectives in real-time processing (abstract)
10:10 : 10:50 John Duff, Pranav Anand, Adrian Brasoveanu and Amanda Rysling. In search of pragmatic discounting: Lessons from direct discourse and causal adjuncts (abstract)
10:50 : 11:10 break
11:10 : 11:50 Wei Li, Hannah Rohde and Martin Corley. Disambiguation of scalar quantifiers’ meanings in context: Mouse-tracking evidence for the role of real-time social reasoning (abstract)
11:50 : 12:50 Keynote: Shravan Vasishth, Sentence comprehension as a cognitive process